Kidney Surgery

Kidney Surgery

Kidney Surgery
Kidney surgery includes da Vinci surgery, Holmium laser, and cryosurgery at our center. [more]


Kidney surgery called pyeloplasty repairs the uretero-pelvic junction from hydronephrosis. [more]

Kidney Stones

Kidney Surgery for Kidney Stones
Kidney surgery for kidney stone removal uses the Holmium laser. [more]

Kidney Surgery

Kidney surgery is performed for renal cell carcinoma, kidney stones treatment, or a detached uretero-pelvic junction (UPJ). A patient diagnosed with a small kidney cancer tumor can have the kidney mass removed with a da Vinci surgery partial nephrectomy or opt to destroy the cancerous tumor in the kidney with cryosurgery. When cancer has invaded too much of the kidney, kidney removal is the necessary solution. People with a non-functioning kidney or those born with a smaller kidney may also need surgery to repair or replace the organ. Patients needing kidney stones treatment such as an extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (ESWL) may also benefit from kidney surgery.  The type of kidney surgery required will depend on a thorough diagnosis of your condition.

Kidney surgery may include the Urology Specialists extracting the kidney and affected lymph nodes as well. If a kidney tumor has grown into the adrenal gland, urology surgeons may also perform adrenal surgery to remove that gland.

Laparoscopic kidney cancer surgery, known as laparoscopic nephrecotomy, is when a doctor inserts instruments and a miniature camera into the patient’s body through small incisions and performs the kidney removal surgery by watching a monitor. In some cases, our urology specialists may only need to perform a partial nephrectomy, when they take out just the kidney tumor and only a small amount of kidney tissue surrounding it. More advanced techniques involve robotic cancer surgery, such as the da Vinci surgery, which helps our doctors to be even more precise during a procedure, and ultimately offer patients greater benefits during recovery and long-term health. Another technique called kidney cryosurgery freezes the cancerous tissue killing malignant cells.

The doctors at Urology Specialists will recommend the best type of kidney surgery based on the stage of your cancer and your overall health. Dr Fernando Bianco and Dr Edward Gheiler both perform many types of urologic surgery. They strive to provide an effective solution that offers the least amount of discomfort with the highest results that a patient can experience including your kidney surgery recovery.

Kidney surgery may or may not be the solution to address your medical condition. A person may experience abnormal urinary symptoms or bladder symptoms, such as urinary retention, gross hematuria, microscopic hematuria, pain in the kidney or bladder area, or frequent urination. However, these symptoms could also be a sign of a benign kidney condition or a non-life threatening urinary condition. Both Dr Bianco and Dr Gheiler specialize in diagnosing urological disorders and conditions related to the bladder, prostate, penis, and kidney. They stay up to date with the latest techniques that have been developed based on clinical research trials. By making an appointment today, our Miami urology team at Urology Specialists can help you decide on the best treatment, urologic surgery, or natural medicine holistic solutions for your medical concerns.


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Kidney Surgery
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